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Door County Boating

Why get on a boat in Door County? Well, first of all, the chamber of commerce estimates that of all the people who come to Door County every year, roughly 5% of them actually get out on the water. That’s CRAZY! There is so much history and natural beauty that is only available to view from the water.

There are a total of 11 lighthouses in the county. You won’t be able to see them all in a day because of the amount of shoreline that surrounds the county but wouldn’t you like to see some of them? On the Green Bay side in Northern Door County, the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse is easily accessible and visible by boat. It is nestled in Peninsula State Park in Fish Creek. Taking a scenic boat tour with Fish Creek Scenic Boat Tours is an easy, affordable way to not only see the lighthouse but to learn about its unique history. Built in 1868 with Cream City Brick, became automated in 1926 and is no longer used as a necessary navigational beacon. Take a tour with Fish Creek Scenic Boat Tours to learn more and see this historic lighthouse from the water.

There are also several sandy bottom beaches accessible by boat. Nicolet Bay Beach in Peninsula State Park is probably the most common, which also means the busiest. Ephraim or Eagle Harbor also has a nice sandy bottom to anchor your boat at.

If you head farther North up the peninsula from Sister Bay, you’ll see Ellison Bluff before getting into Ellison Bay. This bluff sits high above the water and has a great display of the Niagara Escarpment. Here you can also see evidence that Green Bay waters were once part of the Silurian Sea. Keep heading North past Door Bluff Headlands and into Gills Rock, which has a rich commercial fishing heritage. You may smell the smoked fish coming from Charlie’s Smokehouse at the northern end of Gills Rock. Just beyond Gills Rock is the tip of the Door Peninsula where you will find the body of water known as Porte des Morts or more commonly known as, Death’s Door. This passage of water is where Green Bay and Lake Michigan meet. The cold waters of Lake Michigan collide with the warmer waters of Green Bay creating what can be a dangerous passage for boaters. To read more about Porte des Morts, check out this information and learn how the area truly got its name

This is a small sample of what can be viewed from a boat. Washington Island, Chambers Island, Rock Island and many other areas are commonly sought after by boaters. Do yourself a favor and find out what makes Door County truly special. It’s not about goats on a roof, we can promise you that!